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CampFire Guitar is a terriffic tool for enjoying, appreciating and learning guitar (and music in general). Thanks for all the great comments and feedback on CampFire Guitar. This is what will continue to make CampFire Guitar improve and grow to be the best internet guitar companion available.

Here are some comments from users:

When you register CampFire Guitar, you will receive...

  • An unlock program to permanently unlock your copy of CampFire Guitar, the ultimate guitar player's companion!
  • Unlimited Printing of songs to build your own portable music library.
  • Installation support via email.

CampFire Guitar Registration is...

  • Quick, Easy, and Secure.
    In less than 5 minutes, you will be on your way to having your own registered copy of CampFire Guitar. You can pay for CampFire Guitar with just about any payment method under the sun.
  • Very Affordable
    $30...To receive a key to permanently unlock your installed demo.

CampFire Guitar can be purchased through an online software distributer called Kagi.  Kagi offers reliable, prompt and secure payment services.  Information on Kagi can be found at

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I hope that you will appreciate and enjoy the use of CampFire Guitar for a long time. Music can move your soul, and the challenge and satisfaction of learning to play your favorite songs is priceless.

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