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  More about CampFire Guitar

CampFire Guitar is a Windows program that is designed to help you learn basic 'Chord' versions of songs. The internet contains thousands of songs in Chord Format, and CampFire Guitar will help you organize, learn, and play all of your favorite songs.

CampFire Guitar will automatically scan text to identify chords and build a summary of chords for any song. These chords are displayed in a summary at the top of the song. You can view any chord in the summary on a fret board and hear a sample of how the chord sounds simply by clicking on it!

CampFire guitar can identify over 1500 chords including many "slash" chords i.e. C/G. In addition, the chord summary is fully customizable to support chords that are not in the dictionary, and to allow alternate fingerings for chords that are.

Press the play button, and CampFire guitar will step through the song, displaying the chords and playing a sample of the sounds. This is a great way to begin learning a song.

CampFire Guitar can transpose songs into different keys.  When transposing, the necessary capo position will be indicated to preserve the initial key of the song.  Sometimes songs can be a lot easier to play when they are transposed to a different key.

Finally, CampFire guitar will allow you to print your favorite songs complete with a graphical chord summary. Imagine, you may never have to stop playing to look up a chord again!

The CampFire Guitar Song window has two components:

The Chord Summary

Displays all chords in the current song

The Song Editor

Edit songs with chord highlighting

Transpose songs to different keys.

Play the song

Print the Song with a Graphical

Chord Summary

Transposing Songs:

CampFire Guitar will transpose songs with the click of a button:

Guitar Window:

The GuitarWindow is a powerful tool that can be used to lookupchord names and fingerings, view the fingering for a chord, and hear a sample of how a chord sounds


Chord Name to Fingering...
The Chord Window can be used to look up any chord. Just start typing the name of the chord, and the Chord Window will find, display, and play the chord for you.

Fingering To Chord Name...
You can also click on the Fret Board to indicate the strings that you are playing, and The Chord Window will identify any Chords that match.

Guitar Tuner...
Leave the chord name blank, and use the play buttons to tune your guitar.

CampFire Guitar contains over 1500 chords!

CampFire Guitar works best with songs that are in Chord Format. Chord format looks like this:

          E    E          A         E
        Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, 
                E    E           B
        That saved a wretch like me.
             E      E        A     E
        I once was lost, but now I'm found,
             C#m        E   B7  E
        Was blind, but now I see.

	or some people prefer this format:

        Ama[E]zing grace how [A]sweet the [E]sound That saved  a wretch like [B7]me
        I [E]once was lost but [A]now am [E]found Was [C#m]blind but [B7]now I [E]see

Printing Songs:  

This is a great feature of CampFire Guitar. Imagine, you can build a library of all of your favorite songs, and then print each song with it's own custom Chord Summary. You'll never need to look up a chord again!

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