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  Guitar Window  

The Guitar Window is a powerful tool that can be used to lookup chord names and fingerings, view the fingering for a chord, and hear a sample of how the chord sounds.

To Display the Guitar Window, go to the View Menu and Select Guitar.

The Guitar Window works in two modes:

1. Chord Name to Fingering: To look up a chord fingering based on the name of the chord, simply type the name of the chord into the Chord Name Edit Box. As you type, the guitar window will display all chords that start with the same text that you have typed, and it will play the chord that most closely matches what you have typed. To play the individual strings, you can press the play buttons at the bottom of the fretboard. To display all chords available, type an asterisk (*) in the chord name edit box. When no chord is displayed, you can use the play buttons to tune your guitar. When you press a play button the current note for that string will be repeated 20 times or until you click somewhere else on the Guitar window.

2. Fingering to Chord Name: To look up a chord name based on a fingering, click on the guitar fretboard to indicate what strings you are pressing. When you click on a string, it will toggle between being pressed and being released. All chords that match the indicated fingering will be displayed in the chord list. You may then pick from the chords in the list to determine the chord name.

Guitar Window options:

To display the guitar options go to the View Menu, and select Guitar Options.


Number of Frets To Show: Adjust the number of frets that you want displayed at one time on the fretboard.  You can also resize the guitar window to the size that you prefer. Resize the guitar Window by dragging on the edges of the window.

Capo on Fret: Set capo on Fret to the position to where you would like a capo to be. This position will be changed automatically if a song indicates a different capo position.

Preferred Chord Type: The Guitar Window defaults to showing Open chords. When you select Bar Chords, the chord window will find and display bar chords.

Strings: Select guitar strung left handed or right handed.

Enable Sound: UnCheck this box to turn off the sound.


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